What are the Solutions?

Our proposed solution is a tailor-made custom solution to fit your needs and business objectives. JBS Digital being a UK company with Project Managers residing in the same space work in the UK with the client to understand the needs and the delivery model and provide a software solution rather than individual contractors. The project after the discovery session is scoped and the SRS (Software Requirement Specifications) is set out along with milestones and deliverables. We can provide case studies of projects previously delivered.

Why choose this over contractors?

Alongside the key item of a cost-effective solution, the benefits increase as one point of contact is easier to manage while working on a delivery model as opposed to separate contractors. Your single point of contact will ensure that all deliverables are being met on time and on budget. Offshoring your project allows you to access a large pool of talent available for the delivery of your project, coupled with more time to devote to your business allowing you to concentrate your efforts toward your core strengths and business growth.

How does it work?

JBS Digital will pre-arrange a set of meetings to understand the full scope of the project. Upon agreement of the scope, JBS Digital will provide wireframes for the outline of the system. This is to ensure the client has a good look and feel of the system. However, with this an enhanced requirement spec is completed and final changes to the detailed requirements will be completed at this stage to ensure the design of the system completely meets the needs of the client and what is required. Upon completion, a quote for the project and the timeline for delivery is provided and agreed.