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Our Values

JBS Digital is a part of BAPEI Consulting and shares the following values:


Here at JBS Digital we train our consultants to achieve great results and embrace all types of situations to give them the confidence to turn any eventuality around and have honest and open conversations with all clients and candidates. BRAVERY is not giving up and upholding these values. The famous saying of “fall down seven times and get up the eighth” is ever prevalent in our industry.


In order to succeed in your chosen industry, you create an environment where everyone has a free-thinking mindset. JBS Digital promotes free- thinking and embraces new ideas through all interactions with both internal and external people. We empower all our consultants to think creatively and to feel they are always AMAZING throughout their day and their daily lives.


One of our key values is being POSITIVE. Positive words + Positive Actions + Positive Thoughts + Positive Environment = POSITIVE RESULTS
We believe Positivity plays a key role in the development and ongoing motivation of one’s personal self and passes this on to others around them through the above mantra we abide by. We believe Positivity promotes continuity.


Are we reinventing the wheel? Here we seek to prefect the wheel and the ensure it spins faster than everyone else’s. Striving for EXCELLENCE is where we develop our consultants to work smarter by keeping a finger on the pulse of technology. Evermore within the Automation space. Our goal is to provide superior professional services that result in value and benefit to all our clients and partners.


We are committed to honesty in our communications and transparency in our business endeavours. We take pride in the way we work and in our long-term relationships, established through INTEGRITY. It remains at the forefront of all our ventures and is embedded in the very heart of our business.

JBS Digital is a high-end Application Integration, Data Unification and Digital Transformation provider.


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