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Our Process

Our 7 Step Process

Step 1 - Idea:

The idea that you bring holds great importance to JBS Digital and we aim to make it a reality This is why, we at JBS Digital, with our consultative approach, delve in to every idea that we are presented with and provide you with the most feasible and efficient approach.

Step 2 - Analysis & Planning

Once the idea is approved, then comes the tricky part. The Business / Product analysts & managers analyse the idea based on the market trends and look for the best solutions against each requirement.


Step 3 - Wireframing

Following the analysis, the flow is finalized and the Product Manager is assigned with the task of designing a mock-up / architecture of the application based on these requirements.

Step 4 - Development

Once the Wire frames are approved, the Engineers begin building and incorporating the features and functionalities according to the SRS. Following the agile methodology, we will share with the client an update after the completion of each sprint as agreed.


Step 5 - QA & Testing

We ensure the quality of each project by using a combination of testing methodologies and tools and ensure that your software is working in the way you intended. Satisfaction is our testimony.

Step 6 - Deployment

When the product has been tested both by the owner and the Quality Assurance Analysts. The product will be ‘GO LIVE’ ready and will be deployed in to a live environment and we move to deploy the product using JBS ‘best practice’ methods.


Step 7 - Launch

Product Launch is one of the most important phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). As every software system is unique, target users require a clear understanding of the benefits and improvements this will make in their everyday life. JBS Digital has a team of experts to ensure this is achieved.

For any ‘internal’ product to be truly successful in your company, the workforce that use it has to ‘buy in’ to the product. Alongside the deployment a key factor often overlooked is change management. This is where JBS Digital can help to prepare the company / team to embrace the product through early involvement.

JBS Digital is a high-end Application Integration, Data Unification and Digital Transformation provider.


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