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HK (Hysab Kytab)

HK- Is a complete mobile finance solution using real-time data to determine consumer buying and banking habits.

HK is an application that adds value to banks, retail, businesses and consumers themselves!

HK can increase customer interaction and is compatible with any other banking application. Currently running and successfully implemented in many banks, we are now looking to increase HK’s presence on a global scale by introducing our revolutionary product to the world.

With over 20 years of experience in a number of vertical spectrums, we thrive on sharing values with the wider community.

At JBS Digital We offer a variety of Automation services that will advance our clientele in to a better future. Your Digital Transformation partner.

For more information on our revolutionary product please visit ​​ or contact us at

JBS Digital is a high-end Application Integration, Data Unification and Digital Transformation provider.


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