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ECP (Entrepreneur Concept Provider)


We at JBS Digital believe there is an entrepreneur in all of us through which we promote new ideas and concepts. In this technology-driven world we, at JBS Digital, believe anything is possible. Our ECP programmer gives you the opportunity to make your ideas into a real software or product solution.

Ideation is exciting and a POC will really put your idea through its paces. In many cases when your product comes to the design table, all angles of production are taken in to account. It is then your concept begins to take form.  A very exciting time and point of change where practicality can really kick in.

Is the idea practical? Is it feasible? How will the users want to use it? What resources will be required to build it? These and other questions will be answered through the proof of concept.

What is a Proof of Concept (POC)?

Whilst a proof of concept​ has several applications in different fields, ranging from marketing to medicine, when it comes to software development, we’re refer to a specific process. This process is designed to determine whether a software idea can function and be built in the real world. It kick starts the thought process to understand the technologies required in development and whether the software is then likely to be adopted by its intended audience

Do You Need a Proof of Concept?

Every idea has the potential to work. Creating a proof of concept to​ test your idea​ is the first step in making this a reality. It will determine the best version of your design and bring your concept to life. Depending on the complexity and intricacy of the initial design and how far you wish to take it, this can almost be called a prototype. In some ways it is, albeit, visually and conceptually.

The POC saves you time and money in the process by completely separating the design phase to take away and thereby removing the development pressure. Another reason this works so well, is a POC is portable and totally mouldable and serves well when you’re likely to need it to persuade stakeholders for buy in or even investment. Whether you’re adding features to an existing software or whether you’re building something from scratch, a proof of concept will ensure that you take the fastest and most direct route to success. Your success is our success!

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